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Commercial Law Quarterly

The Commercial Law Quarterly (CLQ) is the official publication of the Commercial Law Association of Australia. The journal has been published continuously for over 25 years and is a highly respected reference material for those involved with the practice of law. CLQ contains both refereed articles and seminar papers.
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The Bulletin

The Bulletin was the predecessor to the Commercial Law Quarterly. It was published from 1968 to 1985. Unfortunately, not every issue of The Bulletin is available in the library.

  • Certification of class actions: a ‘solution’ in search of a problem?
    By Justice Michael Lee
    page 3
  • Adverse costs: insurance as security for costs in class actions
    By Odette McDonald and Roop Sandhu
    page 9
  • Pleading defendant knowledge in securities class actions: are allegations premised on inferences sufficient?
    By Tim Finney
    page 21
  • Competing class actions: will certification stymie the competition?
    By Noah Wortman, Ben Phi and Cameron Myers
    page 34
  • Recent developments in common fund applications: Pearson v State of Queensland & Blairgowrie v Allco Finance Group (No 3)
    By Odette McDonald and Eliot Olivier
    page 37
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  • Certainty and promissory estoppel after Crown Melbourne Ltd v Cosmopolitan Hotel (Vic) Pty Ltd
    By Luca Moretti
    page 3
  • Words, words, words! What did You mean? Contractual interpretation and the reasonable business person
    By the Hon Justice Ruth McColl AO
    page 17
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  • Reflections on survival and success in litigation
    By Hon Justice Stephen Robb
    page 3
  • 'Asset protection', 'associative mating' and the long reach of s120 & 121 of the Bankruptcy Act. Who is a 'creditor'?
    By Lee Aitken
    page 17
  • Not just, quick or cheap: historic marine determination exposes systemic delays in NSW native title claims
    By Elizabeth Pearson
    page 22
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  • Till death do us part: the effect of death on a solicitor's retainer with a client during a conveyancing transaction
    By Sarah Whitfield-Meehan
    page 3
  • Civil and criminal liability of directors and officers of sporting clubs
    By Dr Elisabeth Peden
    page 12
  • Drafting termination clauses
    By J W Carter
    page 22
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