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Commercial Law Quarterly

The Commercial Law Quarterly (CLQ) is the official publication of the Commercial Law Association of Australia. The journal has been published continuously for over 35 years and is a highly respected reference material for those involved with the practice of law. CLQ contains both refereed articles and seminar papers.
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The Bulletin

The Bulletin was the predecessor to the Commercial Law Quarterly. It was published from 1968 to 1985. Unfortunately, not every issue of The Bulletin is available in the library.

  • Constructive notice and passive retention scenarios in unconscionable conduct cases
    By Pranay Jha and Alan Zheng
    page 4
  • Criminalising coercive control: what banking, finance and commercial practitioners need to know
    By Elizabeth Pearson
    page 19
  • Contract law master class 2023
    By Jeffrey Goldberger
    page 28
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  • Why leave to sue a court-appointed liquidator in unnecessary and unconstitutional
    By Dr John Azzi
    page 4
  • The duty of confidence and the departing employee: recent cases
    By Lee Aitken
    page 18
  • Why a director can and should be held liable for inducing their company’s breach of trust
    By Lachlan J McIntyre
    page 24
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  • Problems with restraint of trade
    By T F Bathurst AC KC
    page 4
  • Equity's path to justice: the judicial method in equity and the common law
    By Justice Julie Ward
    page 9
  • Practice in the Corporations List and recent case law
    By Justice Ashley Black
    page 16
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  • Pleading causation
    By Justice John K Bond
    page 4
  • Pakistan International Airline Corporation v Times Travel (UK) Ltd: delineating the boundaries of lawful act economic duress
    By Natalie Silver
    page 10
  • Asset-based loans and unconscionable conduct: the High Court’s decision in Stubbings v Jams 2 Pty Ltd [2022] HCA 6
    By Harrison Simons
    page 13
  • Contract law master class 2022. Part two
    By Jeffrey Goldberger
    page 18
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