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The modern use of expert determination

CLA Queensland 28 July, 2022

John McKenna QC, 16 Quay Central Chambers, Brisbane; Richard Schulte, Hemmant's List, Brisbane (Chair)

Vincents Chartered Accountants,, Ozone Room, Level 34, Santos Place,, 32 Turbot Street, Brisbane

01:00PM to 02:00PM

A trend is developing for commercial agreements to require disputes to be resolved by expert determination. These provisions are used to encourage parties to resolve their disputes promptly and fairly by agreement, as any failure to agree will trigger a low-cost mechanism for the prompt and independent determination of the dispute.
However, mechanisms of this kind are entirely the product of the agreement and so require some care to set up the mechanism correctly. This seminar will provide an overview of the key issues relating to expert determination from its contractual set-up, through the hearing process to final determination. 

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