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Goldberger on Contract Master Class

Halfday seminar 19 February, 2021

Jeffrey Goldberger, Special Counsel, Norton Rose Fulbright; Hon Justice Fabian Gleeson, Supreme Court of NSW (Chair)

Dixson Room, Mitchell Wing, NSW State Library

09:00AM to 12:30PM

Our apologies. Bookings for this seminar have now reached the limit of social distancing restrictions at the NSW State Library. We understand that these restrictions may ease next week, in which case booking will re-open. We will let you know the minute that happens.

Part 1: The year in review
• Construction and interpretation
Dispute resolution clauses
Contracts of insurance
Contracts for the purchase of strata units ‘off the plan’
• Co-operation in contract performance
• Loss of use damages for breach of contract and user damages in tort
• Statutory unconscionable conduct in commercial transactions
• Breaches capable of remedy in a termination regime
Part 2: Agency and the valid execution of documents by corporations
Part 3: Proportionate liability and the contractual allocation of risk

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