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eBrief Ready: find out how it can help you

CLA Queensland 13 October, 2020

Stephen Foley, Managing Director and Founder, TA Law

12:00PM to 01:00PM

This is a practical, how-to webinar on how to increase efficiencies and reduce costs

The Commercial Law Association (Qld), in conjunction with TA Law and Hemmant's List,
is hosting a webinar demonstration of eBrief Ready, an online briefing system designed by TA Law.
Barristers and solicitors alike have reported an immediate and significant improvement in efficiency,
cost reductions and communication effectiveness from using eBrief Ready.

eBrief Ready provides a single place for all your documents, accessible to you or any member of your team.
You are able to grant access to solicitors, expert witnesses and clients.
Its powerful search functionality means that finding and viewing the documents is simple.
All documents are OCR’d automatically. There is also a document auto-numbering feature.
In addition, you can create chronologies through a powerful but simple to use annotating and reporting interface.
eBrief Ready holds its data securely on highly credible and dependable servers within Australia.

TA Law is a legal industry tech developer delivering  innovative solutions for legal practitioners.

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