Restructuring a Law Firm - Gain Your Competitive Edge

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Speaker: Peter Scott

 Peter was the Managing Partner of Eversheds London and European offices for 8 years. He now acts as an advisor, trainer and coach to many law firms and other professional firms in the UK and abroad in relation to their financial, strategic, people, and risk compliance management issues. Peter is also Editor of Practice Management Handbook(Law Society Publishing) now in its 2nd edition and a member of the Editorial board ofLegal Compliance Bulletin published by the Law Society. He is a frequent speaker at conferences for lawyers and other professionals.


 Legal services markets everywhere have been experiencing dramatic changes over the past few years - with more likely to come. The world has changed and law firms everywhere need to be prepared and ready to adapt and manage these changes if they are to survive and successfully compete in the future.

Law firms which do not reshape their businesses to maintain high performance but instead continue to try to sell services which clients no longer require, continue to maintain high cost methods of operation and fail to drive out inefficiencies, risk being weeded out. However, those law firms which challenge every aspect of their previous thinking and transform their businesses to achieve more competitive models are the ones likely to succeed.
This webcast has been specifically designed to help anyone who is involved with the running and development of a law firm to recognise the need to change and to gain consensus amongst its people that change is necessary. The webcast focuses on the critical factors contributing to developing business transformation plans necessary for firms to build their competitive advantage.

What You Will Learn

 This webcast will cover the following:

  • How to reposition a law firm in its market and re-engineer the way it works, to provide clients with the 'value for money' services they now demand
  • Understand how to ensure a firm knows which services its clients will require in the future and how those services will need to be delivered
  • Become aware of the factors which contribute most to client satisfaction and why clients will choose one firm instead of another
  • How to approach the fundamental issue in a 'people business' of whether a firm has the right people on board to help it achieve its goals, and
  • How to approach realigning the way people work, the firm is structured and how technology is used

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